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How to get more conversions from your Webflow landing pages

Webflow, Conversions, Triggered emails4 min read

By Abril Taker - Content Creator at Palabra

Landing pages are a must have for any digital business. Luckily, it gets easier each day to create beautiful webpages and automate conversions with no code solutions. In this post we'll tell you how you can create top level landing pages using Webflow + Palabra to automate the entire conversion funnel.

Is Webflow the new Wordpress or Squarespace?

Webflow is a relatively new solution for website building. It's pretty famous in the no-code space from it's usability benefits.

But for those who do not know what Webflow is, here is a short description:

Webflow is a SaaS application that is used for web design, CMS and even as a hosting platform. So it's a tool that automatically generates the HTML structure, the CSS and the JavaScript. Isn’t that amazing? 😍

Tools such as Figma, Adobe XD or Balsamiq could lead to a more “elegant” solution that scales with code. But when it comes to landing pages, you'll need to make a lot of changes until you get the message right. And when access to technical resources is scarce (isn't it always?) having a working website with no-code is a great advantage.

What we like most about Webflow are their templates. You can easily start your blog or build an elegant portfolio to show your work to your customers. When it comes to landing pages, there are plenty to choose:


For a content creator or entrepreneur, it’s the dream.

If we have to summarize: Webflow it’s like Photoshop, Figma, Adobe XD, Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress all-in-one. That's POWERFUL.

✨Bonus: Make your own illustrations in minutes with Blush✨

Landing pages are built to get people's attention. But for us who don't come from a design background, finding the right images to tell our story is the hardest part.

With Blush you can make your own illustrations in a matter of seconds, by choosing components that show exactly what you want to tell. And they're beautiful btw.

Blush is way better than using an image bank, where most pictures seem fake or don't really represent you or your audience.

Create your own illustrations with Blush to tell your story to every visitor and make your landing page georgeous. You can see it in action at the botton of our landing page 😉

Automate conversions with Palabra

Now, if we are talking about making the most out of your time (hello, multitasking modern life), we have to talk about ourselves a bit.

You probably already created a website in Webflow and decorated it with illustrations from Blush 😉. If you haven't yet, go on, we’ll wait until you finish.

Ok, cool. Let's continue.

If you have a business, project or content to share, you need to spread your word, your product or service.

And it's a good idea to connect with interested prospects in their very own inbox (because it’s less probable that they’ll buy your service without knowing you first).

A website by its own is not enough.

But, let’s face it, there's no time to sit on our chairs and send emails one by one to leads everyday at every hour for the rest of eternity (that may be what millenial hell looks like 😱).

That doesn't mean we can’t have meaningful and individual interactions with our audience. Automating communications will save you a lot of time, and if you get it right, people who come to your website will get to know your product.

Sometimes automating processes takes more time than handling it manually yourself. That's actually what got us to build Palabra in the first place - we wanted a simple solution to handle emails triggered by what people did on our website.

How can Palabra do this, you would ask. In 3 simple ways:

  1. Email users based on what they do.
  2. Follow your statistics.
  3. Integrate your platforms.

These three points are fundamental to power up your Webflow website (or any landing page actually).

Automate communications and get more conversions with Palabra

Now that you have a clear picture of what Webflow and Palabra are and how both can make your life easier, let's see how they work together.

🤝🏻 Integrate the rest of your tools

Let's start at the bottom. You can integrate Palabra with many different platforms, so after building your landing page you won't need to migrate everything else you're using to handle your business. And this includes a direct integration to Webflow, of course.


If you have data on a Google Spreadsheet or Airtable database, you can trigger some emails when a row gets updated. If you handle subscriptions with Memberstack or Stripe, you can also send your users confirmation or updates from Palabra. And if you're using Zapier for any workflows, you can also integrate them to automated emails.

💌 Email users based on what they do

People hate getting unsolicited emails. But if what they recieve is triggered from their own interactions with your landing page and provide value, the reception is much better. That's why we always suggest having triggered emails from user actions.

Triggered emails are often hard to setup if you’re not an engineer, but they're usually worth the effort. If you're using any other emailing tool, you can set up Zapier triggers.

If you want to use Palabra and get a direct trigger, we suggest to start by confirmation emails from form submittions.

To continue your automation you can learn how to do lead qualification and how to create your first onboarding sequence to never lost an user again.

📈 Follow your statistics

Every process needs data. Without data, we can't be sure of traveling the right way.

The best part of integrating Palabra, is that you can follow how your automations advance in time and in the same place you create your sequences.

Watch in real time when your users receive your emails, who opens your emails and who entered. Also you can watch the history of every individual user and the actions they took from your emails.


Connect with your visitors with Blush, Webflow and Palabra!

Did you use some of these tools? or know another one you would like to share? Let us know on our Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are curious about what else you can do with Palabra or would just like to try it go ahead an create an account here.

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