Introducing A Founder’s Guide

Paula Alcalá
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Hi, I’m Paula, co-founder of Palabra.

I’ve been working on Palabra full time since July 2020, and have lost track of how many things I’ve learned since then.

Being a first time founder is like getting into an MBA but instead of getting grades you get to epically fail everyday trying to get your business going. It has also been the best job I’ve ever had, allowing me to work alongside great people, meet founders from all over the world and test growth ideas without asking anyone’s permission.

Since I wasn’t keeping track of every lesson learned, I never tried to share any of my insights before. I thought there was more than enough content marketing out there trying to sell solutions to founders, and didn’t feel creating more was worth the effort.

But recently I was at a sales demo and got asked about our Marketing channels. I described to a fellow founder the entire process of cold outreach and demo I had going on, and found I had a lot of valuable information I’d been gathering for the past year.

I decided to create a short guide on cold emails and present it on a 20 min chat with this guy. It allowed him to get started on cold outreach without making the same mistakes I had, and that saved him at least 2 months of googling and going nowhere.

Founders should be teaching each other everything we learn. It’s tough out there, many things could go wrong. And no one knows the struggle better than we do.

That’s why I decided to start this series (and a newsletter along it). Introducing: A Founder’s Guide.

A Founder’s Guide will be my notebook and textbook on every lesson I learn while growing Palabra. I will share notes on sales, marketing, management and decision making.

It aims to help out early stage companies tackle some of the obstacles they might find along the way.

Hope it helps you grow your business as much as it’s been helping me.

Happy hustling,