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How to send a confirmation email when someone submits a Webflow form

Webflow, Forms, Automatic emails2 min read

Hi no-code community :)

We are here today to show you how you can use Palabra to send an automatic email every time a user answers a form on your Webflow website.

Many times we have a newsletter or a contact form on our website and we want to trigger an automatic email every form submission. We may want to welcome them to our newsletter or to ask them for additional information. We also want to be able to track these form submissions to see who opened our emails and who clicked them. On this short guide, we will see how we can do that in less than 5 minutes from your Palabra account.

The first step is to go to your Palabra dashboard and click on 'Create new action':

Create new action

This will display the template gallery where you can pick a template for your emails. Is your form a newsletter subscription form? In that case, go ahead and pick that template from the gallery and they press "Use this template". There are many other templates to pick from, make sure you take a look!


This template will send an email every time a user completes a form on your website. A template for the email that'll get send is also included, but you can customize it as you like.

The next step is to connect our Webflow form. To do that we'll click the "Connect your form here" button:

Connect your form

And since we want to connect a Webflow form that's what will choose:


This will open a new window asking for permission to access your websites. If you only want to give us access to some of your websites you can check them on the list. Otherwise, just go ahead and click "Authorize application":

Webflow permissions

After granting permissions we will need to tell Palabra where your form is. Pick from the list the website where you have your form:

Website pick

Now we are ready to edit the template email. Let's go ahead and click on the card that says "Send welcome email":

Website pick

Here we can see the content of the email that will be triggered every time a user completes a form on your website. We can change the "From" field (which by default will be your full name) and the subject and content of the email, just by changing the text on this card.

Email edit

We are now ready to start sending these emails every time a new form response arrives. Go ahead and click "Start actions":

Start actions

And that's it! From now on every time someone answers a form on your website they will receive an automatic email with the contents you defined.

If you want to stop this automatic email you can pause these actions at any time by clicking the "Pause actions" button on the top right.

You'll also be able to see how many people received these emails from this same page.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are curious about what else you can do with Palabra or would just like to try it go ahead an create an account here.

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