These domain settings can drastically improve your email marketing

From Abril

Low open rates? Don’t throw your content to the trash! It could be your domain settings. Having your settings wrong (or not having them at all) could ruin all your email marketing efforts.

Deliverability rates are a big deal for us at Palabra, so here’s a few things you can do on your end to make sure your emails get to your audience’s inbox.

Why you need to pay attention to your domain settings

As an early SaaS or as an all-in-one boss and employee, especially if you’re a no-coder, it can be tempting to not invest time and resources into your domain settings.

But they are super important, because they improve several aspects of your email marketing and your company image in general:


You can have your GSuites account or you can create email accounts which are hosted on the same server than your website, or on a different one. Whatever your preferences are, is priority number one that you configure the DNS MX Record.

It goes without saying that if you have your GSuites account (or any other paid email service) you must configure the extension to match your domain name. Getting business information from is kinda weird. It sounds like a joke or a scam.

When we set up MX Records we are informing the servers that receive the message that our address and our domain are legitimate. That we are backed and credible.

Make your customers take you seriously.

Domain Authority

The email domain settings, when wrongly applied, can cost your domain authority.

Domain settings, as we said before, bring a kind of approval stamp for your mailing. When you don’t have this, your emails could be flagged as spam or could be read by the filters as phishing emails.

While doing email marketing implies sending hundreds of emails, imagen that those hundreds of emails are seen as perjudicial messages, your domain authority is going to crush quicker than a kid after eating all the halloween candy.

Credibility and Domain Authority are two points that overlap and complement each other to help your email marketing strategy.


A crucial point for doing business is to make connections with clients. And if you’re using an email account that is not properly configured or if you don’t have the necessary settings to send marketing emails to tons of clients, this increases the chances that these emails will be rejected by spam filters.

To guarantee your deliverability there are several things to check out: SPF, MX Records, DKIM and DMARC, among others.

Now you know the dangers of ignoring your domain settings, let’s talk a bit about some of them.

The most important email domain settings

With the increase of bots and new technologies for mass mailing of emails, IPS’s today put on a great effort in verifying the authenticity of email senders.

In order to avoid being cataloged as an illegitimate email sender, you have bear in mind these practices to assure, most of all, the email deliverability:

MX Records

As you must know, MX comes from Mail Exchange. Normally a domain works with several servers, which means that there could be one or more email servers.

The MX Record indicates which email servers accept the incoming email and where emails sent to your domain should be routed. Basically, it connects the dots between the sender and the recipients.

It is important for both outgoing and incoming emails, if it is not properly configured you could have problems sending or receiving your emails.

Usually the MX records can be managed in the panel of the hosting company where your domain is registered.

DKIM Settings

Another important setting nowadays is the DomainKeys Identified Mail or DKIM. The task of this setting is to give the approval seal to email the source.

It encrypts the signature of the emails or messages and it can be verified by an external source. This cryptography works the way wax seals worked on paper letters, meaning that it shows that the message is legitimate and comes from a legitimate source.

The functionality must be enabled in the outgoing mail server in order to configure the DKIM. If you want to check that you’re sending emails signed by DKIM protocols you can write an email and send it to a free email account (gmail, yahoo or whatever).


Also known as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance.This standar assures the clients that the email address is authentic and it’s been sent by you. It prevents other people from sending emails using your domain.

It was implemented for the first time in 2012 and is based on the authentication techniques such as SPF and DKIM .It’s currently supported by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and any major IPS’s.

This is a powerful and important weapon to prevent scams and frauds committed in the name of your company. Your clients and you could be safer using this standard.

They are not exclusive and we recommend checking all of them out.

These are strong items to consider to implement a successful email marketing strategy.

And, although email marketing is an excellent way to contact your customers, many people do not make use of its full potential. To reach this you should not only send emails, but send emails based on user actions.

✨Improve deliverability sending trigger emails✨

Applying trigger emails is the next step in the email marketing evolution. According to a Smartinsights survey, trigger emails report a major open rate than other email marketing methods, with autoresponder emails in second place.

Palabra allows you to automate your user actions from your app and transform them into powerful communications. Although there’s no amount limit to send emails with Palabra, with trigger emails you can send more effective emails and lower their frequency.

Also, with Palabra, you can configure a custom MX Record to ensure deliverability. Not only can you improve your open rates, you also can be the first in line in your user’s inbox.

Set your domain and start to manage all your conversations from a unique platform. Every action is registered in a timeline for every user, and it reflects the engagement rate from everyone.

Do you already have your own domain and want to start automating your communications? Join our community!